In June 2010 Stan Nolt walked into Tri County Worship Center in Bethel PA and his life was radically changed when he had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  He was delivered from a long life of Alcohol, drugs and sinful desires of the world.  Stan's involvement with selling drugs and the drug cartel brought him to a place in life where he was staring death in the eyes.  So with nowhere left to turn he fell down on his knees and submitted his whole life to Jesus Christ.

The transformation had everything to do with the mercy and grace of God and nothing to do with himself except his willingness to see that he was lost.




What if Jesus said?

"The search for purpose finds its deep significance in worship"

"Jesus was hypostic that is he was all God and all man this is what makes him perfect"

Son of God

"The Preaching and teaching of Jesus and the Apostles began and end with one message A call to repentance"

"Without repenting you will not escape God's judgement"

"Theology is about knowing how to sing the song of redemption"

"Repentance allow god Himself to free us from our death and sinful nature" Have mercy on your soul
Repent today!



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